Remembering James

Fri, Aug 14, 2020
Sat, Aug 15, 2020
Sun, Aug 16, 2020

Remembering James

"San Francisco promoter... [Brian] Martin praised Weathersby for 'nailing' all of Browns dance moves and called the acting 'Oscar-worthy.' 'Dedrick is the real deal,' Martin said. 'If youre a James Brown fan, this show is phenomenal. It brought back so many great memories working with Mr. Brown and his band.'" - Times-Herald

Praise from fans for Remembering James:

“We have seen James Brown perform and Dedrick Weathersby has him down.”

“Weathersby’s performance was spot on and fantastic.”

“The band was great and there wasn’t a song that I would want to have heard that they missed.”

“If you are a James Brown fan and even if you’re not you should see this show.”

“Highly recommend and the guy who plays James Brown (Dedrick Weathersby) is definitely a talent you dont want to miss, his band is awesome as well.”

“Weathersby’s Brown is so on-point and real, I used Shazam to see if James Brown would show up as the performer of the songs because Weathersby nailed it.” — Reelkev Arts

"Outstanding show! Extremely entertaining! Dedrick Weathersby is an incredibly talented young man. His representation of James Brown (songs, dancing, outfits, was so on point). I highly recommend this show!"

"Watch out New York! James Brown is on his way to Broadway!"